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Residential Log Cabins Range

Residential Log Cabins Range

Residential Log cabins from

Our excellent range of residential log cabins is increasingly popular, and with good reason. With the economy under pressure, many of us are looking to maximize the potential of the property we live in. Perhaps you think that a house extension is the best answer. But for a given size and area, a residential log cabin or garden building is really better value for money than an extension made from bricks and mortar.

Let's compare a residential log cabin from to a traditional brick and mortar extension.
The building cost will be lower.
The planning process will be simpler.

The building will be both warmer and cheaper to heat. It will be ecologically more desirable and sustainable. And the time to build will be quicker.

Do you need some extra space in your house? Perhaps an annex for the teenagers, or for the parents, or even just to rent out? Or maybe you need a year-round home office, but warm and cozy even in the depths of winter? Our residential range of log cabins offers flexible space and layout of rooms, combined with an unbeatable design and range of insulation options for year-round use. We have a range of single and double story ecological and environmental garden buildings and cabins that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Perhaps you are looking for a home office log cabin. But think, could you be better off in the long run with a dual purpose log cabin? A home office log cabin might be the primary use, but what about the future? Let's look at a few typical family scenarios.
Of course, you will have an occasional need for weekend accommodation for visitors.

You might need to plan that your convenient log cabin home office becomes an annex for elderly parents or relatives sometime in the future.
And if not the parents, then perhaps the teenagers need some more space. Or more likely in fact, the parents need some of their house space back, or want to avoid some of the teenage noise pollution, so better to put teenagers in the Annexe.

Or perhaps the teenager is returning from college or University, but cannot yet afford to climb onto the housing ladder in this terrible housing market.


And when the teens and elderly parents no longer need the residential log cabin annex, what then? Well of course if you choose to let it out, perhaps to a young professional, it could provide a healthy income for a few years.
But most importantly, a residential log cabin used as a family Annexe will dramatically increase the sale value of your house, adding an extra bedroom or two, plus a huge increase in flexibility. It could well be the best investment you make this year.

Single skin cabins make wonderful, economic outside rooms but if you intend to use the space all year round then you should think about our Twinskin log cabin specification. We offer our twin-walled cabins which are made with a 50mm wall cavity between 2 sets of wall logs. All our Twinskin log cabin designs are also built with floor and ceiling cavities for insulation as well. These cabins exceed the insulation values required for mobile homes which makes them very comfortable through the coldest of UK winters, and with high-quality Celotex insulation, it will also work well in the summer, and keep it cool inside during the hotter weather.

Timber is a perfect and natural insulation material. Based on this idea, we have designed an innovative twin skin dual wall structure that has an interlocking inner and outer wall, and it has a cavity between that can easily be filled with insulation material of your choice. We can add insulation under the floor and in the roof, so you will be warm and snug all year round. No more worrying about energy bills. A well-insulated residential cabin will keep naturally warm through the winter and fresh in the summer months.

And a timber residential log cabin offers you massive savings compared with an equivalent brick building, and is better looking and more ecological at the same time. You really can have your cake and eat it.

Should you wish to live in one of our log cabin homes then it will need to fully comply with building regulations that relate to your area and location. The 3 wall thicknesses that we can offer for this use are 44/44mm, 70/70mm, and 90/90mm log walls, all which have a thicker than standard wall insulation cavity which can then be filled with insulation boards such as Celotex, Kingspan, Ecotherm, and others. This specification also has larger floor and ceiling cavities for thicker insulation in those areas as well. We also offer many other options for each of our buildings- different roofing materials, various window and door specifications and designs, factory finishes to a color of your choice.

Larger residential log cabins are often a great option to consider as an alternative for commercial buildings, such as Leisure, Education, Schools or clubhouses, where a new brick building is too expensive, or an extension is not practical. also has a compact range of residential buildings called the Bunkhouse Studio range. This is ideal if you want a work or living area below, and a sleeping or storage area above.


We have designed our residential cabins with features such as dedicated kitchen areas, storage areas, large living areas and bedrooms, verandas, decking, and covered areas. Of course, if you have a particular shape, use or requirement for your garden building, then we offer an outstanding custom design service where our experts will work with you to design a great looking, easy to assemble log cabin designed just for you.

All our residential log cabins are constructed from a unique and innovative twin skin system, using either 44mm, 70mm or 90mm thick logs. These are aligned and interlocked in a dual wall system, with an air gap between the inner and outer walls allowing space for standard thickness insulation products. The result is a water and airtight insulated wall which can exceed the requirements for building regulations in the UK. When combined with insulation under the floor and in the roof, this offers you an unsurpassed degree of comfort and warmth, which is suitable not only for fully and permanently residential buildings (subject to applicable approvals), but also suited to other purposes (which would not require those approvals) such as home offices, occasional residential use, recreational uses such as sports rooms, exercise rooms, snooker rooms, sauna rooms and others.

We offer residential log cabins and garden buildings in an amazing range of styles and sizes, with various room layouts and sizes. Most importantly, our internal walls are built from the same interlocking logs as the external walls, and are as strong as the rest of the cabin. Beware other cabins manufacturers and suppliers who might only offer flimsy panel walls fitted after the build is complete. You may be surprised that many people do not consider that they will need to be sure of strong internal walls if they want to have strong and rigid internal doors. So what else should you demand and expect from a residential log cabin? The doors and windows need to be residential standards, and they are.

The doors and windows from are Euro standard windows and doors. Have a close look at the specific section of the website to see how well designed and constructed our doors and windows are. We offer flexible interior layout, with a main living room plus from one to five bedrooms as standard. We offer a separate kitchen or open plan kitchen. How many En suite bathrooms do you want. Do you want extra storage, and do you need it to be internal or external. And how many floors, single floor, a mezzanine layout or a full second floor.

You tell us what you want, and we will configure and build it to your requirements. Our custom design service need not be expensive. You can take full advantage of our design and CNC design for manufacturing systems, ensuring your bespoke building will perfectly machined and matched to your choice of windows, doors and interior wall layout. Our experts will also be able to advise on planning, safety standards and building regulations as required. We have a wealth of experience, just ask us.

And if all this choice is not quite enough, at we can offer you a full custom design service at a surprisingly good value price. You tell us what you need, how big or how small, and roughly how you want the layout, and leave the rest to us at

Of course, you can also use your home office or garden building as a dual purpose residential log cabin. Over a quarter of the UK professional workforce now regularly work from home on a regular basis. And this number will only increase, of course. Does that include you? So where do you work from home at the moment? In the corner of the sitting room. Perhaps an alcove under the stairs. The spare room is very common of course, but do you do when you have visitors to stay. It all has to be packed away and then brought out again next week. And what will you do if there are any additional family members that need to be accommodated? Perhaps a mum, dad, grandad or grandma, and perhaps for many that new baby on the way. But whatever the reason for your office space is shared, invaded or taken over, don’t despair. A log cabin or garden building used as a home office could be just the right solution for you.

You need to be warm. In a residential log cabin, you will be perfectly warm. Whether single wall or insulated twin skin cabin, a timber building is naturally and ecologically warm in winter and cool in summer. And it will be affordable to heat, and cheaper than the brick equivalent. You need space. In a cabin, you will have all the space you need. Not only do you need space for your executive desk and chair, but space inevitably for the shelves and draws for all those important papers and home office files, in addition to your home files of course. Will the walls be strong enough for the shelves? Absolutely. As strong as a house in fact, because in the Baltic’s and Scandinavia, the majority of houses are constructed to the same high quality as a log cabin or garden building. You need your new home office log cabin to be multi-functional. You can use the extra space also for storage, your hobby, your private escape space, an additional entertainment space, your private gym or exercise room. And you need your home office also to be a garden room. With a carefully designed and quality constructed decking area or veranda from, you will find yourself attracted to the outdoor garden life.


When the British weather is not so great, you will be inside your garden room looking out onto your garden enjoying the view. Inside, a log cabin is cozy, calm, and will create for you the perfect working and relaxing environment. When the weather is better you will be found on your verandah, sipping your beverage or tipple of choice, enjoying the fresh air whilst your neighbors look enviously over the fence or hedge. You will find your self walking down the garden, just to look back at your home office log cabin, and see the beautiful and stylish appearance of your new log cabin office. And to complete your home office, you will need the right electrical and network options. LED lights are now truly affordable, and will greatly enhance the internal and external appearance of your office. Bright areas for working, and less bright areas for ambiance. Your network can be brought to you remotely either with your existing wireless network, or with a wireless network repeater, or even a wired network extended down the mains electric cable using a pair of affordable network 'powerline' adaptors. has for over 22 years been an experienced leader and innovator in the design and construction of a wide range of buildings and log cabins, including summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses. Our log cabins are built from carefully selected slow grown Siberian pine in Europe, offered in a range of wall thicknesses including 28mm 34mm 44mm 70mm 90mm 34/34mm 44/44mm 70/70mm and 90/90mm. We have experienced personnel across the UK and in the Baltic, and can ensure the highest quality and best value, and you can be assured that we attend to the smallest details personally and locally.

We have a network of show sites nationally across the UK and Ireland, with their years of experience and knowledge you can be assured you will be getting the highest quality and best value possible summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses.

We can also design and build your commercial Sports buildings, clubhouse, cafe, restaurants, changing rooms, holiday homes, school buildings, pool enclosure, shops or other commercial buildings using the most beautiful, energy-efficient and lasting materials in the marketplace. Whether it is your residence, holiday home or business structure, you can be assured of our quality attention-to-detail services and world-class log and timber materials. 

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