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Log Cabins TF Range

Log Cabins TF Range


Log Cabins Sussex TF Log Cabin Range

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The Log Cabins TF Range consists of some of the well-tried and tested Log cabins over many years. Whilst it is often a race to bring out new designs in many different market sectors, understand also that if you have a good product that people like, why change it? Hence the TF Range which epitomizes the need to retain in the range good quality traditionally designed cabins that are immaculately manufactured from the finest Siberian Pine, forested from certified forests to ensure long term sustainability of good quality timber. We have added spectacular new additional designs for this year and, as such, we are confident that you will be truly spoilt for choice with the Log Cabins TF Range.

There are 13 cabins in this superb range. From a modest and very affordable Piddinghoe “2.35m x 1.75m” to a more spacious and commanding Log Cabin, the 5.0m x 4.0m “Northiam” is in a class of its own with an attached storage shed. Many of the TF Range cabins have additional rooms or space that can be utilized for a number of different uses. For example, you may have an area where you wish to archive many items. You may have an office where you need to file earlier accounts and books etc. It may be that you are a writer or artist where you need a place to work and a separate room to contain your work that has been completed.

By working in this manner, with the absence of clutter within your actual physical workplace, you end up working far more efficiently. As an artist or craftsperson, your other room could serve well to exhibit your work and act as your sales showroom.

With the wide choice available you can be assured of finding the exact Log Cabin to suit your needs at a very affordable price, assuming, of course, that you are looking for a quality product that is going to last.

The Log Cabins TF Range is a prime example of timber engineering mastery. This range is really the cutting edge of Garden Cabins ever to be seen in the UK. Beautifully designed and crafted to absolute precision. The Siberian Spruce is always carefully selected to ensure total uniformity and clean lines providing an aesthetically pleasing product to the eye.

Maintenance is very easy. You just need to protect the outside with a micro-porous paint. Such protection allows the molecules of air to pass through the wood to allow the timber to continue to breathe, but at the same time disallows the larger molecules of water to penetrate, thus ensuring a waterproof yet breathable protection.

Once coated, depending on the quality of painting and the number of coats (we recommend 2 coats). You will find that maintenance thereafter for re-coating is only needed after 3-5 years. Your Log Cabins TF Range will continue to give you a lifetime of carefree pleasure without any wood rot or any form of disintegration.

Please check out the range of wall thickness available from the DF Log Cabins range. You will find that the wall thickness starts at no less than 34mm which boasts a standard Economy double-glazed windows and doors with options for thicker versions including twin skin log cabins (double wall with access for further insulation).

Many of our competitors market the same cabin with a 28mm wall thickness, which in our view is not as strong or stable enough as 34mm we believe that a floorboard material should not be used as a construction timber. For the small additional cost involved, bearing in mind the cold and blustery winters that occur in the UK. You will find that our minimum 34mm thick outer walls will serve you better in terms of insulation, thus saving your heating bills, as well as being a much sturdier building.

Our flooring is also to be envied at a thickness of 28mm much thicker and more stable than many of our competitors who are still producing 19mm

At this point, it’s worth highlighting that if you order any Log Cabin from the TF Range you will find that you receive, as standard the very best quality high grade double glazed windows and doors that come complete with a very secure locking system.

If you are looking for a Quality Log Cabin that will give you many years of service and pleasure with easy maintenance, the TF Range of log cabins is definitely

well worth your serious consideration.

In this industry, you will find that the lower end of the market offering thinner cheaper shed type cabins will save you the initial cost but will generally cost a lot more in terms of maintenance, repairs and in some cases complete replacement. With you will find that whatever Log cabin you purchase will reap its rewards in the long run and become far more cost-effective and more comfortable and safe.

Such features represent just part of the excellent value for money that provides all our clients.

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