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Insulated Micro Log Cabins

Insulated Micro Log Cabins

Log Cabins Sussex

Log Cabins Sussex proudly present the very extensive and latest

Range of Residential Insulated Micro Log Cabins. 60 Quality Insulated Twin Skin cabins in total.

All are 4m wide. 44 cabins are 4m x 8m and 16 cabins are 4m x 5.7m


These superior quality Twin Skin Insulated Log cabins are specifically designed for occupancy for either temporary or permanent use.


It is very difficult for first-time buyers to purchase their own Brick and Block property. Here is a wonderful opportunity for either first-time buyers or retired people who wish to downsize to a very nice manageable studio type of Insulated Twin Skin or Timber Frame property at a very affordable cost, please remember that all our buildings are multi structures, which means you are able to have them in 3 different build type, Solid Time, Laminated Timber or Timber Frame.


Here is a chance for a much healthier lifestyle than living in a high rise flat with little privacy. A detached residence all to oneself. A property that can be ordered and erected within 6 weeks.


The variations and options that are available out of this exciting range are quite remarkable. We at Log Cabins Sussex are totally convinced that there is a certainty of one of these delightful cabins to meet your requirements. You will be amazed to find how accommodating these insulated micro log cabins are. In some cases, with such good use of a mezzanine type floor in the roof area, you have sufficient room for three occupants taking up a double and a single bedroom.


Where planning permission is granted, you could have an insulated Quality Twin Skin Micro Log Cabin in your garden for that quick unexpected overnight stay by a family member. A detached Insulated Granny flat offering much sought after independence yet close enough to home to cover any emergencies.


Perhaps the teenage son or daughter has outlived their bedroom in the main house and is now ready to go it alone. What a very sensible easy transition towards their independence.


Let us now take a look at how our Insulated Twin Skin Insulated Micro Log cabins are made.


No compromise when it comes to quality. All the cabins are properly insulated

with 44mm “Twinskin” double outer walls. There is a good choice of wall thickness ranging from single outer walls of 44mm, 70mm and 90mm to 34mm and 44mm “Twinskin”. Consideration needs to be given to the slight reduction in floor area taken up by thicker outer walls.  These Log walls are exceptional for this size of a log cabin. Many manufacturers supply this size of cabin in 28mm thick walls that, in our view, may be sufficient as a Garden Storage Shed but certainly not good for residential use, particularly during the cold winters.

In the wintertime, we all need to be warm, cozy and comfortable. The high level of insulation afforded by this unique range of insulated Micro-Log Cabins guarantees good quality comfort throughout the year.


The cabins have been manufactured from the highest grade, slow grown Baltic-Russian Spruce. Arguably the best quality spruce available. After erection, with a good quality protective coating, the insulated micro log cabin will give many years of excellent trouble-free service.


Top grade tilt and turn double - glazed windows and doors with high quality locking systems are all standard in this range. In a nutshell, we have put the best quality materials into these beautifully designed cabins specifically to meet the demands of a growing population who seek quality accommodation of their own at a reasonable cost.


All the cabins have good pitch roofing that will take the additional option of tiles or shingles depending upon personal taste.


Log Cabins Sussex use quality-hardwearing 28mm tongue and groove flooring as standard in every cabin compared with much thinner flooring that is still being used by many of our competitors.


The roofing areas are all manufactured from quality 19mm tongue and groove Siberian spruce.


All of the log cabins in the Insulated Micro Log Cabin range have been carefully pre-cut and arrive at your doorstep complete with instructions and plans. If you are reasonably adept at DIY you will find the assembly process both enjoyable and rewarding. If, however, you prefer not to get involved with the installation, we can deploy a team of installers to carry out this work for you.


On a more commercial front, if you are a hotelier or in the leisure industry looking to expand your business, the opportunity of installing a number of the insulated micro-log cabins with red, green or black shingle roofing could within the space of three months of ordering, begin to realize a good rental turnover.

Such an opportunity is well worth considering in favor of having to endure a big expenditure in extending an existing hotel building which would also take much longer before any turnover could be realized.


At Log Cabins Sussex we are totally committed to providing you with a quality service in line with these high-grade cabins.


By clicking on to “more info” under each image you will find further individual details to help you choose the most suitable insulated micro log cabin for your purposes. We look forward to hearing from you.


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