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Fully Insulated Garden Office

Fully Insulated  Garden Office

If you are now looking to work from home and need a garden Office that will last the test of time, which will be an investment, not a product that would need replacing in 10 years to come, is fitted out with all your internet cables, power sockets and if you want possibly an air conditioning units, etc, maybe have a toilet, etc, then please look at our specifications of build, and our designs and you will be more than aware that our buildings tick all the boxes and a lot more. You can be assured that a garden office manufactured by us will be the kind of statement that your company would definitely want to project to their customers.

It’s really difficult to explain to Joe Public about how and why a timber frame building can be so different, from one to another, if they all look the same.

This is why I have added into our galleries, houses, which our skilled carpenters have handmade and assembled in many parts of Europe.

The toughest build reg is (TEK17), which is the latest from Norway, which we build our houses to daily. TEK 17 makes sadly the UK building regulations look so outdated say to 1970 still. We are so far behind everyone, and it’s not because we lack the finance or ideas, designs, it’s because corruption and old boys club still sadly run our housing market. This is why we sell to Norway, Finland, and Iceland, etc, because these countries and their population want to save money, environment, and live in a better cleaner, healthier living space.

Timber frame housing is a very clean and quicker build process, all timber frame buildings are better to live in, you feel healthier All timber frame buildings cost less than brick, and all timber frame buildings are cheaper to heat, and that’s just a few pluses.

So why purchase your Siberian Larch Clad insulated Garden Office from us.

Simple, we are house builders.

We use C24 KD graded timber, only!

We use Siberian Northern Larch.

We also use nature-friendly insulation and a lot of it in our garden offices. 

Knauf insulation expert which comes to under 0.22 w/m2k, for a garden office, that’s way more than you need, but don’t worry, our prices are still 30% less than everyone else in the market.

We hand make all our windows and doors in our factory, they are all certified to Trada, and CE standards.

We do not offer awful plastic or aluminum windows and doors, which are either cold bridging or bad for the environment.

We know how to make a solid timber frame building.

And you are buying from the best of the best…

Plus….. if you check out our specifications, yes, it does put 99,9999% of other companies to shame.

And lastly, we do not use the dreaded, poisonous SIP panel in any part of our construction.

So what do you get from us… makes the best of the best each and every time.

You get a Timber Frame Northern Siberian Larch Cladded Insulated Garden office, that has a specification near on to the quality house, and built by our skilled seasoned carpenters, your building is manufactured in our huge factory and it comes 99.9% finished, all we do is just slot the panels together and that’s that! Sounds simple, well LV likes to make everything as simple and with no drama involved, we hate drama. Buying your timber frame garden office from us means you get quality at build, price, finish, and product! 

(If our Offices have internal walls or sinks shown in the diagram, please ask advice as these are optional to the offices and we are just giving you an idea on what you can achieve with this size space)

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