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2022-2024 The Best Log Cabins In Sussex

There is no one in Sussex or Kent who can even come close to our customer service, price and quality.

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If you are now looking to work from home and need a garden Office that will last the test of time, which will be an investment, not a product that would need replacing in 10 years to come, is fitted out with all your internet cables, power sockets and if you want possibly an air conditioning units, etc, maybe have a toilet, etc, then please look at our specifications of build, and our designs and you will be more than aware that our buildings tick all the boxes and a lot more. You can be assured that a garden office manufactured by us will be the kind of statement that your company would definitely want to project to their customers.

It’s really difficult to explain to Joe Public about how and why a timber frame building can be so different, from one to another, if they all look the same.

This is why I have added into our galleries, houses, which our skilled carpenters have handmade and assembled in many parts of Europe.

The toughest build reg is (TEK17), which is the latest from Norway, which we build our houses to daily. TEK 17 makes sadly the UK building regulations look so outdated say to 1970 still. We are so far behind everyone, and it’s not because we lack the finance or ideas, designs, it’s because corruption and old boys club still sadly run our housing market. This is why we sell to Norway, Finland, and Iceland, etc, because these countries and their population want to save money, environment, and live in a better cleaner, healthier living space.

Timber frame housing is a very clean and quicker build process, all timber frame buildings are better to live in, you feel healthier All timber frame buildings cost less than brick, and all timber frame buildings are cheaper to heat, and that’s just a few pluses.

So why purchase your Siberian Larch Clad insulated Garden Office from us.

Simple, we are house builders.

We use C24 KD graded timber, only!

We use Siberian Northern Larch.

We also use nature-friendly insulation and a lot of it in our garden offices. 

Knauf insulation expert which comes to under 0.22 w/m2k, for a garden office, that’s way more than you need, but don’t worry, our prices are still 30% less than everyone else in the market.

We hand make all our windows and doors in our factory, they are all certified to Trada, and CE standards.

We do not offer awful plastic or aluminum windows and doors, which are either cold bridging or bad for the environment.

We know how to make a solid timber frame building.

And you are buying from the best of the best…

Plus….. if you check out our specifications, yes, it does put 99,9999% of other companies to shame.

And lastly, we do not use the dreaded, poisonous SIP panel in any part of our construction.

So what do you get from us… makes the best of the best each and every time.

You get a Timber Frame Northern Siberian Larch Cladded Insulated Garden office, that has a specification near on to the quality house, and built by our skilled seasoned carpenters, your building is manufactured in our huge factory and it comes 99.9% finished, all we do is just slot the panels together and that’s that! Sounds simple, well LV likes to make everything as simple and with no drama involved, we hate drama. Buying your timber frame garden office from us means you get quality at build, price, finish, and product! 

(If our Offices have internal walls or sinks shown in the diagram, please ask advice as these are optional to the offices and we are just giving you an idea on what you can achieve with this size space)

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When you are looking for a log cabin in Sussex or Kent, then think, the reason is simple, we are the company that were the firstly offer cabins into the UK. We started Skinners, Johnsons, Dunster, and so many others, they all originate from us, and now we have decided to sell directly to the customer, but unlike our old dealers who liked to cut, cut, cut and cut again the quality of our cabins down so much so they could earn more and more, we are offering you not a cut-down version, or a shadow of what our cabins should be, you are buying from us, high-quality buildings at the factory price, ( without the cutting down in quality) we do not cut the size of our purlins or make our roof boards thinner or floorboards thinner, and our windows and doors are the best tilt and turn, reliable, waterproof, and to be very honest I think our cabins are the best in the UK, and the word missing bits does not apply to us.

If you are looking for a bespoke, then look no further, as we are the kings of bespoke, and our prices and delivery time are still amazing, unlike most who take 10 weeks, we take on a large twinskin garden office log cabin in 44mm , (5 weeks tops). So, if you’re looking for a quality building, and I mean the best of the best log cabins in the business, and you’re looking for price, then look no further.

Please look at our delivery prices, they are stupidly low for the southeast, and the rest of the country.

And our 4-team assembly crew are not just good, they are the best.. And if you check what you get for the price its stupidly cheap!

The Log Cabins Sussex range from Log Cabins Sussex offers probably the highest number of cabins from which to choose. There are no less than 108 cabins with over 30 of them with built-in terraces. There is a predominance of 4m and 5m wide cabins in this range in response to the sheer popularity of this particular width. However, there are also 2m and 3m width cabins in this range starting at a modestly priced 2m x 2m - “Thakeham” available in a 34mm and above wall thickness. 

At the other end of the spectrum why not feast your eyes on the extensive 13m x 3m “Poynings” Log Cabin available in a 44mm and above wall thickness.

The “Barnham” and “Crawley” Log Cabins have vestibule styled frontages that makes them quite unique, whilst the “East Preston” shows another aspect of slanted roof design that again gives it a taste of originality. All of these cabins are manufactured with a minimum wall thickness of 44mm.

You will see that within the range we have produced Log Cabins, some with single and some with double doors. Many of these originated from one of our standard range of cabins that were bespoke to customer requirements. These subsequently became very popular and are now part of our standard Sussex range.

Different ideas still come pouring in and, where practical, in terms of production capabilities, safety and stability, we will always be happy to quote for variations from those that have been presented as part of the standard range.

Top-quality, high grade, double glazed units are included in every cabin. Small cabins have the same high-quality windows, doors, and locking systems as the larger cabins.

Top grade, slow grown, Siberian Spruce, considered to be probably the best quality timber that is available, is used in the production of every cabin in this range. With sensible early protective coating applied soon after erection, you can be assured of many years of good service. Here again, many manufacturers or dealers use subgrade, lower quality timber, mostly from young fast grown spruce that will have a much greater tendency to warp, twist or split after erected, thus causing all sorts of problems later on that can become extremely costly to rectify. Log cabins Sussex use 28mm tongue and groove flooring as standard in every cabin compared with much thinner flooring that is still being used by many of our competitors.

The roofing areas are all manufactured from quality 19mm Siberian spruce.

All of the log cabins in the Log Cabins Sussex range have been carefully pre-cut and arrive at your doorstep complete with instructions and plans. If you are reasonably adept at DIY you will find the assembly process both enjoyable and rewarding. If, however, you prefer not to get involved with the installation, we can deploy a team of installers to carry out this work for you. is able to offer Bespoke Log Cabins, Timber Cabins, Sectional Buildings, Gazebos, Residential Log Cabins, Residential Timber Frame Cabins, Sip Panel Housing, Bespoke and Custom Designed Log Cabins.
Log Cabins Sussex has the largest range of Log Cabins, Timber Buildings in Sussex;

We are part of the chain, which has the largest dealer network in the UK and Europe.
All our UK Log Cabin Dealers are credit checked, our UK Cabin Dealers understand the complexities of the UK building regulations.
So if your looking for a Log Cabin completely tailor-made to your needs, or a simple 3m x 3m log cabin in 34mm please do not hesitate to speak to one of our Partners/Dealers today.

Log Cabins Sussex offers the Original Clock House; we were the first to the manufacturer and Offer to the market Twin Skin Log Cabins, we coined the phrase Garden office, and our log cabins are without a doubt the very best, of the best!

If you are looking for a Timber Frame Garden Office, Timber Frame Residential Cabin, A Timber Frame Park Home, A timber Frame Granny Annex. Or a Timber Frame Extension to your House please visit

We are able to offer cabins in Solid Timber Spruce 34mm, 44mm, 70mm, 90mm and Twin Skin 34mm x 34mm and 44mm x 44m.
We also manufacture Laminated Engineered Timber Cabins 80mm x 200mm, 120mm x 200mm, 160mm x 200mm,180mm x 200mm, 200mm x 200mm, we are the only group of log cabin companies in the UK offering Quality Garden Engineered Laminated Cabins. Please visit for more information.

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Log Cabins Sussex is one of the leaders in Europe in designing, sourcing and delivering log cabins and, garden buildings and timber frame buildings. We offer a huge choice of designs, styles, timber and wall widths and insulation options for a residential home or home office use. We are highly experienced in the use of CNC (computerized) timber machinery, ensuring modern designs that can be accurately machined and easily assembled. Our cabins are only made from high-quality Larch and Pine from Siberia. We have consistently been at the forefront of innovation with cabin designs and techniques such as the Clockhouse, the Camping Pod, and twin-skin dual wall construction for highly insulated home office and garden buildings.

The Log Cabins Sussex offer distinctive and comprehensive range cabins and garden buildings. We almost certainly have the right cabin for you. Our log cabin range and garden building styles include log cabin home offices, garages, studios, bunkhouses, camping pods, Saunas, Summer Houses, Playrooms, Gazebos, residential, clubhouse, holiday, and the Clockhouse range.

There are many reasons for choosing a log cabin from It may be the stunning good looks, the practical layout, your ecological contribution, an expanse of windows for working or just viewing your garden, sturdy construction, advanced technology machining, ease of assembly, quality fittings doors and windows, that sweet smell of fresh timber, the ease of maintenance, and of course the terrific value and price. But above all, you have the peace of mind, that we have thought through all the detail to assure you can relax and enjoy your fantastic new log cabin from Log Cabins Sussex.

The quality of construction of our log cabins is enviably high, and yet offers tremendous value for money. We offer 6 different wall thickness to suit a variety of needs, uses, and of course different pockets, including the innovative twin-skin design with an extremely rigid and interlocking inner and outer wall for insulated log cabins or garden buildings. For the roof, we offer only high quality felt or residential quality felt shingles in a variety of different colors. Our windows are made to quite simply amazing quality, better in fact than in many homes in the UK. The double glazed units offer the flexibility of 'tilt and turn' as standard, allowing the windows to be opened either from the top for ventilation or fully from the side. This of course also allows easier cleaning. We offer a wide variety of sizes, and many of our cabins the number and placement of the windows allow a huge amount of light to flood into the cabin, great for a studio or home office, and also gives you a wonderfully framed view onto your garden. Our doors are of a similar high quality to our windows, are fully sealed with quality hinges, locks and handles, and are available in various widths including extra-wide doors for wheelchair access. The quality and thickness of the floor are vital in giving a feeling of quality. A floor that is too thin will visibly bend and bounce in a most unpleasant manner. Many cabins offer 19mm thick flooring as a way of saving a bit of money, but at Log Cabins Sussex we only offer the best quality 28mm thick tongue and groove pine flooring.

Our most popular log cabin is the Clockhouse range. Distinctive, stylish, and with more than a touch of quality, the 'Clockhouse' pavilion style log cabin will make you proud when you show it off to your neighbors. And they will be amazed you found such good quality and value log cabins at Log Cabins Sussex.

We are pleased to say that we designed and built the original Clockhouse. And you know how the saying goes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Be aware that you may find poor quality cheap imitations of garden buildings for sale elsewhere, but you will only find such a stunning range of quality and variety of Clockhouses at Log Cabins Sussex.

The Clockhouse log cabin is a unique blend of space and light, with a choice of window arrangements that ensure that your Clockhouse will look great from any angle, truly the new highlight and focus for your garden.
But the greatest pleasure comes inside your Clockhouse log cabin. Imagine the amazing and wonderfully fresh smell of our ecological timber. Reach out and touch the smooth and virtually knot-free wood. Then turn around and see your garden perfectly framed by the pavilion-style windows. Luxury. Is this the best investment for your home and garden you can make this year? It certainly is.

Whether you want to use the Clockhouse log cabin as your home office, your studio, for entertaining or for relaxing, you will be impressed by the quality and value of the timber, the premium standard of your doors and windows, and the stylish yet practical and strong fittings. The Clockhouse is available in a range of wall thickness, including the option of a well-insulated and innovative twin-skin dual wall design.

And as with all Log Cabins Sussex log cabins and garden buildings, you can be sure that every effort has been made in the design and construction process to ensure that your Clockhouse cabin is easy to build, and yet beautiful and rewarding to own. We work hard to ensure that we always offer the best range of premium quality cabins and the best price on sale in the UK.

The garden log cabin range for 2015 includes an extended range of log cabin garages, with innovative designs and layouts including single and double bay, or single bay with an inclusive workshop, tool room, garden store, log store, office, or garden room. With quality built-in as standard, your car can be stored in protective splendor, while you work or relax in warmth and comfort.

An increasing popular range of log cabins is our residential range. Need some extra space in your house? An annex for the teenagers, or just to rent out? Or so you need a year-round home office, even in the depths of winter? Our residential range of log cabins offers flexible space and layout of rooms, combined with unbeatable design and range of insulation options for that year-round use. Log cabins Sussex has a range of single and double story ecological and environmental garden buildings and cabins that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Timber is a natural insulation material in its own right. We have designed an innovative twin skin dual wall structure that has an interlocking inner and outer wall, with a cavity between that can be filled with your choice of insulation material. Add insulation under the floor and in the roof, and you will be warm and snug all year round without paying huge energy bills. We have designed our residential cabins with features such as dedicated kitchen areas, storage areas, large living areas and bedrooms, verandas, decking, and covered areas.

And a timber residential log cabin offers you massive savings compared with an equivalent brick building and is better looking and more ecological at the same time. You really can have your cake and eat it.

Larger residential log cabins are often a great option to consider as an alternative for commercial buildings, such as Leisure, Education, Schools, or clubhouses, where a new brick building is too expensive, or an extension is not practical.

Log cabins Sussex also has a compact range of residential buildings called the Bunkhouse Studio range. This is ideal if you want work or living area below, and a sleeping or storage area above.

Of course, if you have a particular shape, use or requirement for your garden building, then we offer an outstanding custom design service where our experts will work with you to design a great looking, easy to assemble log cabin designed just for you. And our custom design service need not be expensive. You can take full advantage of our design and CNC design for manufacturing systems, ensuring your bespoke building will perfectly machine and matched to your choice of windows, doors and interior wall layout. Our experts will also be able to advise on planning, safety standards, and building regulations as required. We have a wealth of experience, just ask us.

Log cabins Sussex has for over 22 years been an experienced leader and innovator in the design and construction of a wide range of buildings and log cabins, including summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses. Our log cabins are built from carefully selected slow grown Siberian pine in Europe, offered in a range of wall thicknesses including 28mm 34mm 44mm 70mm 90mm 34/34mm 44/44mm 70/70mm and 90/90mm. We have experienced personnel in the Baltic and can ensure the highest quality and best value, and you can be assured that we attend to the smallest details personally and locally.

We have a network of show sites nationally across the UK and Ireland, with their years of experience and knowledge you can be assured you will be getting the highest quality and best value possible summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses.

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Clock House Log Cabins

Log Cabins Residential Log Cabins Euro Log Cabins Clock House

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You have found the website for log cabins Sussex, the leading supplier of log cabins to the UK that offers you the best blend of quality and value.
If you are looking for a particular style of garden buildings, you have come to the right place, as we are proud that we have the widest range of log cabins styles available in the UK. And we will have the right style for you. Our range includes log cabin and garden building styles including log cabin home offices, garages, studios, bunkhouse cabins, camping pods, Saunas, Summer Houses, Playroom cabins, Gazebos, residential cabins, clubhouse cabins, holiday cabins, bespoke cabins and custom cabins, and the Clockhouse cabin range.

And why do we offer such a large range of log cabins and garden buildings?
Quite simply and truthfully, there was a time when all log cabins all looked like, well, they looked like log cabins. But early on, at log cabins Sussex, we recognized that the needs of clients in the UK had a more discerning taste. And so we introduced the first and original Clockhouse log cabin, a pavilion-style of building. And since then we have been the first to introduce the style of garden building and log cabins that are wider log cabins, deeper cabins, taller cabins, more compact cabins, with storage cabins, cabins with inner walls,
multi-room cabins, cabins with verandas, cabins with decking, cabins with larger windows, and cabins with more windows.

So if you are looking for a wide range of log cabins or garden buildings, then look no further than log cabins Sussex, because we are confident that you will find what you need right here.

Now let's look at quality. At log cabins Sussex, we know and understand that a purchase of a new log cabin is a big decision and one that must be a good investment to increase the value of your home, and improve the appearance of your garden. At log cabins Sussex we are confident that you will be amazed and pleased at the value and quality of our cabins. The key points to look at and consider carefully are the floor, the windows and doors, and the timber.

Why do we start with the floor? Because that is where inferior cabin manufacturers will try to save some money. They will offer 19mm flooring, which to begin with might look great, but as soon as you step onto it, you will feel it bend and bounce, and then you will know you should have looked for a stronger and thicker flooring. At, we only and always offer 28mm quality tongue and groove flooring as standard. No bend. No bounce. No creaking. Just a quality floor that will last a lifetime. Buy a log cabin with a cheap 19mm floor and you may well regret it with every step. But choose a quality log cabin from, and every time you step onto the quality floor, you will remind yourself that you are glad you choose

Now let's look at the windows and doors. The quality of the windows and doors of a log cabin vital in ensuring the appearance and definition of quality. Every time you walk up to and into your log cabin you will see and open the door. Our log cabin doors will not squeak. They will not jam. With proper care, they will not twist or warp. At log cabins Sussex, we proudly spend time and effort sourcing the best quality and value doors and windows, and this care and attention to detail is your assurance that we offer only the best quality metal fittings, hinges, and handles.

At log cabins Sussex, we were amongst the very first to offer quality double glazed windows across the whole of our log cabin range (44mm and above) and an option on the smaller cabins. At log cabins Sussex, we were the first to offer tilt-turn window mechanisms as standard as part of our double glazed units. We offer quality frames, triple seals, and quality metal hinges, fittings, and handles. As a result, our windows open smoothly and quietly and seal perfectly, to offer you an ecological barrier against the cold, the heat, and of course sound.

But most importantly, we not only offer a range of log cabins in various shapes and sizes but with a variety of window positions. Why? Quite simply because a range and variety of window shapes, sizes, and positions allow you to choose a style of a log cabin which is now only just right for you, but which allows you to choose you to own a log cabin style that suits your very own style and needs. And a variety and range of window sizes, styles, and positions allow you to choose the most attractive and novel style of a log cabin that suits your specific needs. And looks just great into the bargain too.

And of course, the quality of the timber is also a vital ingredient in allowing us at to offer you a great looking log cabin or garden building with both superb quality and great value. So how do you know to look for quality timber? Well, you have to start with quality trees. The better quality timber is slow grown timber, and to do that, the tree has to grow and love growing in a cold climate. Trees grown in a warmer European climate will grow faster, have fewer and wider growth rings, and ultimately will not be as strong as colder slow grown timber. So you will not be surprised to learn that at log cabins Sussex we only offer slow and cold grown Siberian pine and larch. The other advantage to slow grown Siberian timber is that, compared with timber grown in warmer some European climates, there will be fewer side shoots, better know as branches. In timber buildings, side branches are not good, as they produce the knots. Of course, a small amount of knots is visually appealing, but too many knots becomes unsightly and ultimately will weaken the building, or even cause floor or roof sections to split or break. So too many knots are a bad thing and is another reason why we at log cabins Sussex only offer slow and cold grown Siberian pine and larch.

And quality timber in our log cabins and garden buildings offers you a wonderful aesthetic experience. Only our slow and cold grown Siberian pine and xxx has that smooth touch, that wonderful natural color, and the unforgettable smell of fresh-cut timber. And the better the quality, the more those experiences of touch, smell, and looks will last a lifetime.

Let's look in a little more detail at some of our range of buildings.
We offer the widest range of cabins you will find on the internet, including summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses.
The residential range is now particularly popular. With the economy under pressure, many of us are looking to maximize the potential of the property we live in. You might automatically think, house extension, but hold on. For a given size and area, a residential log cabin or garden building is diagrammatically better value for money than a brick and mortar extension. When comparing a residential log cabin from log cabins Sussex to a traditional brick and mortar extension, The planning process will be simpler. The building cost will be lower. The time to build will be quicker. The building will be both warmer and cheaper to heat and will be ecologically more desirable and sustainable.
All our residential log cabins are constructed from a unique and innovative twin skin system, using either 44mm, 70mm or 90mm thick logs. These are aligned and interlocked in a dual wall system, with an air gap between the inner and outer walls allowing space for standard thickness insulation products. The result is water and an airtight insulated wall which can exceed the requirements for building regulations in the UK. When combined with insulation under the floor and in the roof, this offers you an unsurpassed degree of comfort and warmth, which is suitable not only for fully and permanently residential buildings (subject to applicable approvals), but also suited to other purposes (which would not require those approvals) such as home offices, occasional residential use, recreational uses such as sports rooms, exercise rooms, snooker rooms, sauna rooms, and others.
We offer residential log cabins and garden buildings in an amazing range of styles and sizes, with various room layouts and sizes. Most importantly, our internal walls are built from the same interlocking logs as the external walls and are as strong as the rest of the cabin. Beware other cabins manufacturers and suppliers who might only offer flimsy panel walls fitted after the build is complete. You may be surprised that many people do not consider that they will need to be sure of strong internal walls if they want to have strong and rigid internal doors.
So what else should you demand and expect from a residential log cabin?
Doors and windows? Yes, they need to be residential standard, and the doors and windows from log cabins Sussex are Euro standard windows and doors. Have a close look at the specific section of the log cabins Sussex website to see how well designed and constructed our doors and windows are.
Lots of bedrooms? Yes, we offer the main living room plus from one to five bedrooms as standard.
Separate kitchen or open plan kitchen?. No problem, you decide.
En suite bathroom?. Of course, we can just decide how many you want.
Extra storage rooms? No problem, internal or external.
Two stories? Of course, mezzanine or full second floor.
And if all this choice is not quite enough, at log cabins Sussex we can offer you a full custom design service at a surprisingly good value price. You tell us what you need, how big or how small, and roughly how you want the layout, and leave the rest to us at

Another popular choice today is the use of a log cabin or garden building as a home office.
Over a quarter of the UK professional workforce now regularly work from home on a regular basis. And this

number will only increase, of course. Does that include you? Great, read on, and we will find just the right cabin for you.
So where do you work from home at the moment? In the corner of the sitting room. Perhaps an alcove under the stairs. The spare room is very common of course, but do you do when you have visitors to stay. It all has to be packed away and then brought out again next week. And what will you do if there are any additional family members that need to be accommodated? Perhaps a mum, dad, granddad or grandma, and perhaps for many that new baby on the way.
But whatever the reason for your office space is shared, invaded or taken over, don’t despair. A log cabin or garden building used as a home office could be just the right solution for you.
You need to be warm. In a log cabin, you will be warm. Whether a single wall or insulated twin skin cabin, a timber building is naturally and ecologically warm in winter and cool in summer. And it will be affordable to heat, and cheaper than the brick equivalent.
You need space. In a log cabins Sussex cabin, you will have all the space you need. Not only do you need space for your executive desk and chair, but space inevitably for the shelves and draws for all those important papers and home office files, in addition to your home files of course. Will the walls be strong enough for the shelves? Absolutely. As strong as a house in fact, because in the Baltic’s and Scandinavia, the majority of houses are constructed to the same high quality as a log cabin or garden building.
You need your new home office log cabin to be multi-functional. You can use the extra space also for storage, your hobby, your private escape space, an additional entertainment space, your private gym or exercise room.
And you need your home office also to be a garden room. With a carefully designed and quality constructed decking area or veranda from log cabins Sussex, you will find yourself attracted to the outdoor garden life. When the British weather is not so great, you will be inside your garden room looking out onto your garden enjoying the view. Inside, a log cabin is cosy, calm, and will create for you the perfect working and relaxing environment. When the weather is better you will be found on your veranda, sipping your beverage or tipple of choice, enjoying the fresh air whilst your neighbors look enviously over the fence or hedge.
And more than occasionally you will find your self walking down the garden, just to look back at your home office log cabin, and see the beautiful and stylish appearance of your new log cabin office.
And to complete your home office, you will need the right electrical and network options.
LED lights are now truly affordable, and will greatly enhance the internal and external appearance of your office. Bright areas for working, and less bright areas for ambiance. Your network can be brought to you remotely either with your existing wireless network, or with a wireless network repeater, or even a wired network extended down the mains electric cable using a pair of affordable network 'power line' adaptors.

We have well over 22 years of experience as a leader and innovator in the design and construction of a wide range of buildings and log cabins, including summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses. Our log cabins are offered in a range of wall thicknesses including 28mm 34mm 44mm 70mm 90mm 34/34mm 44/44mm 70/70mm and 90/90mm. We have experienced personnel in the Baltic and can ensure the highest quality and best value, and you can be assured that we attend to the smallest details personally and locally. All our log cabins are built from carefully selected slow grown Siberian pine in Europe.

We have years of experience and knowledge, and you can be assured that you will be getting the highest quality and best value possible summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses from log cabins Sussex.

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Superior Spruce Buildings – Now Available in Sussex


Log Cabins Sussex is pleased to announce our distribution of the ultimate in Timber Buildings in and around the Sussex area. This has been as a result of our being part of Claimed as being the largest dealer network in the U.K. and Europe, size in this instance matters a lot as we can now source the best quality materials at extremely competitive rates as a result of the overall European level of business that just continues to grow year after year.

Log cabins Sussex is also one of the leaders in Europe in designing, sourcing and delivering log cabins, garden buildings and timber-frame buildings. We provide an extremely comprehensive choice of designs and styles suitable for a residential home or home office use.

Buy with confidence
As a dealer, has carefully screened Log cabins Sussex and has successfully come out the other side we are proud to show the LV 5 Star logo that emphasizes quality of product and service. The LV logo is your brand of confidence and assurance of top quality products made with professional craftsmanship care, using only the very best quality timber from certified self-sustaining forestry.

Massive Choice

The range of products includes Timber Cabins, Sectional Buildings, Gazebos, Residential Log Cabins, Residential Timber Frame Houses, Bespoke and Custom Designed Log Cabins.

Some of the spectacular designs include the “Clockhouse” range and the futuristically designed Camping Pod.

The Timber Cabin range alone includes Log Cabin Garden Offices, Log Cabin Garages, Log Cabin Studios, Log Cabin Bunkhouses, Log Cabin Camping Pods, Log Cabin Saunas, Log Cabin Summer Houses, Log Cabin Playrooms, Log Cabin Gazebos, Log Cabin Club Houses and, of course, the Clockhouse range.

Numerous Options

You will be hard-pressed to find a Log Cabin Dealer offering you a Log Cabin with 6 different Wall Thickness options.
We at Log cabins Sussex are able to offer you Log Cabins made from the finest Siberian Pine in 34mm, 44mm, 70mm, 90mm, and “Twinskin” (Double Walls) 34mm+ 34mm, and 44mm + 44mm.
Laminated Engineered Timber Cabins are also available in 80mm x 200mm, 120mm x 200mm, 160mm x 200mm, 180mm x 200mm and 200mm x 200mm. This new process of construction is taking the market by storm as a result of its sheer versatility and extra strength. As we are part of the group, once again, you have access to a virtually unique opportunity of being one of the first to take advantage of this unique innovative form of construction. More details available from

Superior Technology

Log Cabins Sussex is committed to ensuring that you have the earliest opportunity of receiving “Hot off the construction floor” information. New innovative ideas, which are swiftly put into practice, can only be done by investing substantial funds into top quality
Computerized timber machinery, hardware and software for accurate results resulting in easier and trouble-free assembly. Some of these innovative ideas have resulted in market leaders such as “The Clockhouse” and “The Camping Pod” as well as twinskin applications for all year round, highly insulated home, and garden office use.

Value for money

By using such state of the art accurate machinery, there is less wastage. In fact, the wastage is negligible as everything is recycled as basic components for other products. This has a marked effect upon maximizing efficiency and thereby offering top quality products at affordable rates.

The attention to detail

Many organizations emphasize the importance of good quality timber. Whilst we agree with that, we at bring to your attention the same level of importance that needs to be addressed when including other important components and accessories of such buildings such as the roofing, the flooring, the windows, the doors, and your security.

The Roofing
The construction relating to the roofing has to be taken into consideration. Only the correct recommended Purlins are used for the specific roofing in question. The range of options for the roofing material starts from the best quality EU standard mineral felt, leading to top-quality shingles of various designs that are available in Red, Green or Black. Inside the cabins, the ceilings are generally 19mm tongue and groove best quality pine that gives the building extra strength as well as style.

The Flooring
Many organizations will price up a cabin without flooring. Whatever the starting price you end up paying extra for the flooring and the final bill is much higher than what you originally expected.
Other organizations will include flooring in the price but install the absolute minimum thickness of 19mm flooring.
We at log cabins Sussex install minimum thickness of 28mm tongue and groove flooring in all of our cabins immaterial of size of the cabin.
The most widely used part of your cabin is going to be the floor. It stands to reason, therefore, that your flooring should be up to the possible daily heavy walking, sitting etc. Stability, strength and longevity are the key benefits of log cabins Sussex flooring.

The Windows
We believe that there is no comparison to our highly sophisticated, beautifully designed, superb quality windows.
Our double glazed windows are manufactured from the very best toughened glass filled with Argon, an inert gas that slows down the migration of heat flow or cold flow from outer pane to inner and vice versa. Triple glazed windows are also available in this format. Such windows prove to be far more efficient than many vacuum type double glazed windows that have good insulation qualities but nowhere near those of argon-filled glazed units.
Besides the excellent designs that are available, you have a choice of “Tilt & Turn” type glazed windows that allow maximum natural light and air into the property. “Tilt and turn” designed windows allow you to simply tilt and turn the windows so that you can enjoy a user-friendly cleaning process of both sides of the window from inside the building. The amount of timing saved in this form of maintenance is quite substantial.
The window frames are of the highest grade of dovetailed pine to give you many years of trouble-free service.

The Doors
Where glazing is included you can expect exactly the same quality and variety of options as you do with the windows, except tilt and turn of course.
Wide access is often needed and doors are manufactured where applicable for wheelchair friendly requirements.
Both Windows and doors meet both EU and BS standards of the highest degree.

If you are going to invest into a high-quality building that is set to give you many years of good service coupled with the possibility of keeping important information dry and secure, you need the best form of security available. Whilst you are left to your own devices when it comes to CCTV, Burglar alarms etc, we at have made sure that every cabin has been equipped with the best high quality, most durable security locks, fixtures and fittings for all of the windows and doors. This makes a huge difference when it comes to insuring your building against theft etc.

Featuring “The Clockhouse” range
Having touched fleetingly upon the innovative “Clockhouse” styled cabin. We feel it worthy of it is presented here as it has so many additional features for you to feast your eyes upon.
Distinctive, stylish and sophisticated are just a few descriptive features of this incredible range of buildings. As mentioned earlier, we were the original designers and builders of the Clockhouse
range of Log Cabins and whilst many of our competitors fiercely try to “catch up” on our continual updating and improving techniques for this range, we at are proud of the years of expertise that has been put into a range that is still the market leader in terms of quality and design.
Over the years we have listened carefully to our clients and we have organised numerous surveys asking how we can continue improving what we thought was the perfect cabin.
We received positive answers and we needed to extend the range to accommodate that need for a wider choice.
Besides the inclusion of triangular windows in the apex providing maximum light as well as that distinctive flair, there is a wider choice of window options to include single or double bay, full-length floor to ceiling windows, three quarter length windows. Double or single-fronted doors. Separate sectioned areas for a Vehicle, Workshop, Garden room, Log store, Tool Room or Office. A designated reception area if to be used as a Clubhouse for example. A typical pavilion styled building with immense opportunities for a variety of different applications.
Whether you are looking to relax or work, the Clockhouse range enables you to carry out either in maximum comfort throughout the year. In the midst of a cold winter the Clockhouse that is available in 6 different wall thickness up to a twin skin double wall of 44mm + 44mm with a cavity designed to accept a good quality insulation material between the two walls, will give you the working or relaxing environment in a most economic and satisfying way.

Featuring “The Residential” range

If you are looking for comfort, style and good value for money, look no further than our log cabins Sussex residential range of log cabins.
There are two extreme ends of the spectrum when it comes to the frustration of purchasing a property.
At one end we have the difficulties encountered by those who wish to make a start at being a property owner by leaving the rental system and having something of their own.
At the other end, we have retired people who wish to downsize to a certain extent with a view of realising maximum equity for them to really enjoy their lives in peace and comfort.
The problems in the bricks and mortar industry are that one is constantly driven by supply and demand, sometimes long chains in the purchasing process and difficulties in selling property at the price required because of the high price to pay for the next one. Buying new bricks and mortar property does away with the chain scenario but the costs of building these properties become almost exclusive to those who are wealthy, leaving the rest of the population to continue to struggle and not realise their dreams. The time taken is also a depressing factor. Groundworks and building time alone can be long and arduous.
The log cabins Sussex range of residential Log cabins solves both problems.
1. The cost of any of our residential Log Cabins is a fraction of the cost of the same size and accommodation offered in bricks and mortar form.
2.The quality, like for like, in terms of double-glazing, insulation and security is more competitive.
3. The speed of construction is far quicker.
4. The wastage, mess and rubbish are negligible compared with bricks and mortar.
5. The environmental and aesthetic appearance is, in our view, far more appealing.
6. The investment is sound, as over the years the value of quality Log Cabin residential buildings has never dropped.
7. Like for like a Residential Log Cabin is more economic to run than bricks and mortar building.
8. Like for like room sizes in our Residential Log Cabins are generally larger than those found in bricks and mortar buildings, particularly bedrooms.
9. Like for like a Log cabins Sussex Residential Log Cabin is a fraction of the cost of building an extension to an existing brick and mortar property.

There is something in the range that will please everyone.

The Bunkhouse Studio range
If you are looking for a neat detached compact building that provides you with living and sleeping accommodation at a very economic price, the Bunkhouse is the answer.
A two-storey building using every inch to maximum usage does not take up very much area and can easily be built in a garden, a small plot of land, or a number of these could be constructed for rental purposes at extremely affordable rates due to the low up-front costs. A superb start-up property for either a couple or for single occupation.

The Residential Log Cabin range offers a variety of different shapes and sizes with dedicated Kitchens, Lounge area, Dining areas, Verandas, Decking areas, covered areas etc.
Generous open-plan lounge/dining areas. Modern kitchens with optional Tudor style designs give the air of spaciousness and tranquillity.
The variety of different designs and sizes has been carefully thought to please nearly every conceivable requirement.

Larger Residential Log Cabins have been adopted very successfully in the commercial sector as Clubhouses, Reception areas, Office Receptions, Tackle Shops and Cafes.
Classrooms, Nurseries, Libraries and other useful commercial applications.

Bespoke Customised Residential Log Cabins

If you are looking for something totally unique that is designed specifically to your own specification you have no need to go elsewhere.
Log cabins Sussex will be happy to chat with you over plans, specifications, types of timber, rooms etc.
Our computerised machinery can be programmed to accommodate virtually any design providing of course that it results in a stable and safe building.
As experts in this field, we offer a free consultation service for you throughout the process from the initial planning stage right through to final delivery and assembly.
You will be pleasantly surprised that the costs attached to this process are extremely competitive.

Having now gained an insight as to what log cabins Sussex can offer you, if time is of the essence please take advantage of our fast track choice method.
After browsing through the site, why not contact us with some of the basic requirements with your budget in mind and let us do all the hard work for you.
We will extract a shortlist that you can choose from that will save you a lot of time and we will contact you with all the relevant information.
We may even be able to come up with something that is not shown on this site that meets your requirements that we have extracted from the huge bank of Log cabins via our dealer network

We can also invite you to visit any one of our network of dealers in the UK and Ireland so that you can sample the quality of the buildings that we have to offer.

Log cabins Sussex look forward to being of service to you.

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